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Custom Window Installation & Replacement in VA, MD & WV

Do you have an existing window on your home that has an abnormal sizing specification? Do you have an eccentric design interest? Maybe you want a specific window that allows you to take in your gorgeous view of Lake Holiday? No problem! By installing custom windows through Stoneridge Outdoor Systems, you’ll be able to replace old, existing windows for a perfect fit. In addition, expertly sized custom windows can help keep your home energy-efficient by reducing the chance of drafts and loss of insulation.

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Popular Window Styles for Virginia Homes

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Double-Hung Windows

As one of the most popular styles, double-hung windows are a traditional-style vinyl window option that works well in nearly any home. Also known as an “up-down” window, they are stacked vertically and slide to open and close from both the top and bottom. This style creates excellent air circulation and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance with tilting sashes.

Sliding Windows

For a more elegant and modern look, sliding windows are a great option. The simple style of these panes allows for low maintenance and easy opening. Available in a variety of looks, they can be a perfect fit for nearly any room in your home.

Casement Windows

These replacement models offer a new level of style to a room and are perfect for creating ventilation and letting in natural light. Opening outward using a handle crank, casement windows are easy to operate even when out of reach.

Awning Windows

As a smaller option, awning windows have the benefits of improved ventilation and security. They open at the bottom by hinges and at the top with the use of a hand crank. Because of this unique angled style, they can be kept open for natural airflow, even when it’s raining!

Bay Windows

This style is a combination of three different panes that project outward, creating a focal point in the home. The center pane acts as a picture window with two smaller, operable panels on each side. Bay windows highlight the view, provide ventilation, and create a small interior ledge.

Bow Windows

Similar to bays, bow windows project outward from the home’s exterior. This style features three or more panels of equal size that create the illusion of added dimension and space to a room.

Garden Windows

If you’re looking for somewhere to display your indoor plants, garden windows are a great option. Stationary panes flank an awning window, and all three support a slanted pane on top that completes the box-like style. Extending significantly past the exterior of the home, this option adds depth and dimension and is a great solution for giving plants maximum sun exposure while indoors.

Picture Windows

One of the best options for framing a fantastic view is a picture window. Offering a variety of shapes and sizes, the fixed panes are energy-efficient and let in lots of natural light while also providing excellent sight lines.

Basement Windows

Give light and ventilation to normally damp and dingy basements with basement windows! Hinged at the bottom, this style tilts open inward for security and easy cleaning.

Architectural Windows

Architectural windows are a great solution to enhance any space with beauty and originality. Many different shapes and sizes are available to match a variety of design preferences. The unique nature of these specialty panes makes them perfect for entryways, hallways, or bedrooms.

Custom Window Design & Installation

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Once you’ve chosen your desired window style, you’ll need an expert team to install them. Our team provides precise and beautiful installations for your new windows so that you can start enjoying the benefits. With years of experience under our belt, you can count on us to always install products that meet your home specifications exactly. 

Looking for custom window installations? Call Stoneridge Outdoor Systems at ​877-309-8445 today!

Choose Stoneridge Outdoor Systems for Custom Windows in VA, WV & MD

For replacement windows that are durable, energy-efficient, and affordable, look no further than Stoneridge Outdoor Systems. With a wide variety of options, it’s easy to find the perfect style and fit for your Virginia, Maryland, or West Virginia home. Replacement windows are an important component of keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient while also providing the best view possible.

To learn more about the advantages of new window installation, read more on our benefits page.

Contact us online or call us at ​877-309-8445 today! We look forward to working with you to improve the look, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home.

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