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Choosing the right replacement windows is an important decision, especially when you’re dealing with Wisconsin’s unpredictable weather. Evaluating design styles, frame types and glass features should be a part of every replacement window selection process.


The location, room design, environment and other factors can affect which type of model will work best to fit your wants and needs. Below are some popular window types:

  • Double hung: This classic option is perfect for nearly any room in the home and offer many benefits including an easy-to-clean tilt-in sash and multiple ventilation options.
  • Sliding: Because of their simplistic design and easy maintenance, these windows are perfect for frequently-used rooms such as kitchens and recreation rooms. They also boast maximize glass area for plenty of natural light.
  • Casement: Casement windows are known for their handle crank method of operation. If you’re replacing windows in hard-to-reach areas, these can be a great choice.
  • Garden: Garden windows are perfect for taking advantage of natural light to spotlight interior décor or grow a small potted plant garden.
  • Basement: It’s easy to forget about the importance of replacing windows in the basement. This type of style allows for maximum light and security in smaller spaces.



Frames outline your window and can greatly enhance both aesthetics and energy efficiency. There are a variety of different frame materials with unique advantages and disadvantages:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl frames are a particularly popular choice for replacement windows because they do not need to be painted, they are also water-resistant and efficient thermally.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum or similar metal frames can be a great option when combined with insulating material. Frames made from aluminum are typically lightweight, strong and nearly maintenance-free.
  • Fiberglass: If stability and thermal efficiency are most important to you, fiberglass frames are a great option for your home compared to other window frame styles.
  • Wood/Wood-clad: Wood frames are an aesthetically appealing option, but generally speaking are not as efficient as other types of frames. If you are considering wood frames, be sure that the style includes vinyl or aluminum cladding to help control long term maintenance issues.
  • Composite: Composite frames can be a great alternative to wood or wood-clad frames. Made up of composite wood materials, these frames have improved structural, thermal, moisture-resistant and decay-resistant properties.



All of our windows have the option of being ENERGY STAR energy efficient, which includes different glass features to maximize energy savings.

  • Multiple-panes: Having more than one window pane provides reinforcement against the elements and is a great option for nearly any replacement window style.
  • Gas fills: The spaces between window panes can be filled with non-toxic argon gas to help prevent heat transference, improving a window’s thermal performance. This can be a helpful feature for homes in our Wisconsin service area that experience bitterly cold winters and hot summers.
  • Heat-reflective tints: If your windows tend to receive a lot of sunlight in warmer months, it can be a smart move to invest in heat-reflective tints. This energy-efficient feature changes the color of the glass slightly, decreasing the amount of incoming solar radiation.
  • Glazed coatings: Different glass coatings are also available to help improve the energy-efficiency of your windows. The value of this feature depends on your environment and certain types can be especially beneficial for our weather. Low-emissivity, reflective and spectrally selective coatings are popular varieties to consider.


If you’re still unsure of which direction to head when choosing the perfect replacement window, an experienced Stoneridge Outdoor Living representative would be happy to help. Whether you’re as located close to Richmond or Winchester, we invite you to contact us for more advice on replacement windows and visit either showroom. Contact a Stoneridge Outdoor Living representative to learn more about the different replacement window options available to fit your needs. We are Stoneridge Outdoor Living. We serve you, Virginia, West Virginia & Maryland, with the most complete line of spectacular home additions. From Frederick County all the way to Richmond, including Alexandria, Fairfax, Ashland, Leesburg, Baltimore, Chesterfield and Fredericksburg, our experienced team can help you every step of the way.

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